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Rules and Policy

Travel & Arrangement policy Norgine


Purpose with arrangement - Scientific outcome

Arrangements, that Norgine organize or participate in, should have a profession improvement alignment. The purpose being the treatment of one or several medical or scientific issues within one or several scientific areas.


Condition for participation

There are 2 conditions for participation:
(I) You must fulfill Norgine's specific requirements for participation
(II) There are places available for you to attend


The arrangement is only for the invited healthcare professionals. No uninvited guests will be allowed to participate in the arrangement. We assume that attendees will not bring any guests to the arrangement.


Compensation of expenses

Norgine will not pay mileage compensation nor cover for any costs regarding taxi; parking or other extra costs prior the meeting. Discrepancy from this rule will only be considered, when there is no other alternative travel possible. If contracted by Norgine as an investigator/speaker/lecturer etc. all additional travel arrangement must be booked by Norgine.
Norgine will not reimburse any costs arranged and paid for by the guest/investigator/speaker themselves.
Norgine will not pay for any courses or other costs that is not included in the congress fee.

Meals and social arrangement

No social arrangements will be organized, covered or in any other way supported by Norgine. Norgine will cover beverages in connection with meals etc.


Travel insurance

All participants will be covered by travel insurance with Gouda, paid for by Norgine. You will receive more detailed information together with your tickets. Please direct any questions to your Norgine contact person.