UK high court of justice rules ENDOCUFF® and ENDOCUFF VISION® patents and design rights to be valid and infringed

23 February 2018





AMSTERDAM. The Netherlands. Friday 23 February. 14:00 CET. Arc Medical Design Limited, a subsidiary of Norgine B.V., today announced that the High Court of Justice England and Wales, Patents Court ruled that ENDOCUFF® and ENDOCUFF VISION® UK national and UK(EP) patents (as amended) are valid and infringed by Cantel’s AmplifEYE® endoscopic device, and key design rights are valid and infringed by AmplifEYE® the patent and design rights had been challenged by Cantel Medical (UK) Limited and Cantel (UK) Limited.


Peter Martin, COO of Norgine and Chair of the Arc Medical Design Limited Board said: “We welcome the judgement and our resounding success, recognising the strong protection for both ENDOCUFF® and ENDOCUFF VISION®. This decision validates our confidence in the intellectual property portfolio protecting our products. We will always vigorously defend our intellectual property and will initiate legal proceedings where appropriate.”


ENDOCUFF VISION® is a single use device attached at the end of the colonoscope that gives an optimal view of the entire colon by retracting folds during withdrawal.


Notes to Editors:

About the UK Case No. HP-2016-000047

On Friday 23 February 2018 the High Court of Justice England and Wales, Patents Court ruled that:Arc Medical Design Limited won on all counts:

  • Arc Medical Design Limited’s ENDOCUFF and ENDOCUFF VISION UK national patent 2478081 and UK(EP) patent 2575590, as amended, are valid and infringed;
  • its ENDOCUFF VISION Registered Community Design 002523191-0001 is valid and infringed, its ENDOCUFF Registered Community Design 001856121-0001 is valid but not infringed; and
  • its UK unregistered design rights in ENDOCUFF and ENDOCUFF VISION will be infringed from the date of the judgment.
  • The judgment is for the UK market.



ENDOCUFF VISION® significantly improves adenoma detection rate and colorectal cancer detection during colonoscopy in bowel cancer screening patients.[i]

Adenoma detection rate is the most important marker of colonoscopy quality to help detect anomalies and colorectal cancer. 


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[i] Ngu WS, et al. Gut 2018;66:1–9. doi:10.1136/gutjnl-2017-314889